Why Unidapt™?

Create any inter-series or intra-series adapter you need in seconds.

Universal adapter mates with all Unidapt™ interface adapters.

Other side of universal adapter then mates with any other Unidapt™ interface adapter.

Our Universal Adapter is the key.

Each Unidapt™ fitting has a common connector end and a universal adapter end. Simply choose the two common connector ends you need, and screw them together with the universal adapter. It’s so easy. That’s why technicians love it! Our ingenious adapter kits let you mix and match any 2 male or female coaxial fittings. Build the perfect adapter or cable assembly for the job—Male-to-Male, Male-to-Female, or Female-to-Female.

All Unidapt™ sections are made of silver plated machined brass with a gold plated phosphor bronze contact anchored in a PTFE dielectric.


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